Come to the Magic Lantern Cinema in Tywyn this June – the UK’s best Independent Cinema! Watch the latest films on Tywyn Cinema’s brand-spanking new 3D projector, their top-of-the-range 7.1 surround sound and with a cracking bar – you’re certain to have a great time! Doors open 30 mins before each screening – subtitles are available on Mondays. Heard of Hearing (HOH) showings are often on Mondays, and will be mentioned next to the times in each film.

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Their Finest

A former secretary, newly appointed as a scriptwriter for propaganda films, joins the cast and crew of a major production while the Blitz rages around them.

Film Length: 117 mins


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Showing times for Their Finest:

Friday 9th June -7pm
Sunday 11th June -7pm
Monday 12th June -7pm (HOH)
Tuesday 13th June -7pm
Wednesday 14th June -7pm
Thursday 15th June -7pm

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Alien: Covenant

The crew of a Colony Ship, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the Galaxy, discover what they think is an uncharted paradise. What they have discovered is a threat beyond their

Film Length: 120 mins


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Showing times for Alien: Covenant:

Saturday 10th June -7pm
Friday 16th June -7pm
Saturday 17th June -7pm
Sunday 18th June -7pm


A has-been actor best known for playing the title character in the 1980s detective series "Mindhorn" must work with the police when a serial killer says that he will only speak with Detective Mindhorn, whom he believes to be a real person.

Film Length: 89 mins


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Showing times for Mindhorn:

Monday 19th June -7pm (HOH)
Tuesday 20th June -7pm
Wednesday 21st June -7pm