Come to the Magic Lantern Cinema this December – the UK’s best Independent Cinema! Watch films on their brand-spanking new 3D projector, top-of-the-range 7.1 surround sound and with a cracking bar – you’re certain to have a great time! Doors open 30 mins before each screening. Check out this months events at Tywyn Cinema too!

Here’s the cinema listings for December 2014

Love, Rosie

They have been best friends since they were
5 - is it possible they could be more? Rosie and
her best friend Alex take a leap of faith, both
on life and on each other, when they decide to
go to the US together to attend university. But
fate has other plans for Rosie.

Over the next 12
years their lives change dramatically but the
connection remains.

Film Length: 102 mins


Showing times:

Saturday 6th -7pm
Sunday 7th -7pm
Monday 8th -7pm
Wednesday 10th -7pm


In Earth’s future, Professor Brand (Michael Caine),
a brilliant NASA physicist, is working on plans to
save mankind by transporting Earth’s population
to a new home.

Film Length: 169 mins


Showing times:

Monday 15th -7pm
Tuesday 16th -7pm
Wednesday 17th -7pm
Thursday 18th -7pm

Nativity 3: Duse, Where’s My Donkey?!

This Christmas the pupils of St Bernadette’s and
their much-loved, madcap teacher Mr. Poppy
are back for their biggest adventure yet with
flash mobs, excitable elves, Christmas carols and
of course Archie the donkey!

Film Length: 110 mins


Showing times:

Friday 19th -4:30pm
Saturday 20th -4:30pm
Sunday 21st -4:30pm
Monday 22nd -4:30pm
Tuesday 23rd -4:30pm

Mr. Turner

“A magnificent growling-bear performance
by Timothy Spall’ as the eccentric artist JMW
Turner is, according to Mark Kermode, ‘just
one of the masterful brushstrokes’ in this
Mike Leigh film.

Film Length: 150 mins


Showing times:

Friday 19th -7pm
Saturday 20th -7pm
Sunday 21st -7pm
Monday 22nd -7pm
Tuesday 23rd -7pm


A bear from Peru makes his way to London
where he is taken in by the Brown family.
This is the beloved Paddington’s fi rst
appearance in the movies - and it looks
FABULOUS! Defi nite fun for all the family!

Bring your own favourite bears for the Teddy
Bears’ Picnic on New Years Day after the
4pm showing. Marmalade sandwiches
and cocoa available

Film Length: 95 mins


Showing times:

Wednesday 24th -2pm
Saturday 27th -2pm
Saturday 27th -4:30pm
Sunday 28th -2pm
Sunday 28th -4:30pm
Monday 29th -2pm
Monday 29th -4:30pm
Tuesday 30th -2pm
Tuesday 30th -4:30pm
Thursday 1st -1:30pm
Thursday 1st -4:30pm
Friday 2nd -2pm
Friday 2nd -4:30pm
Saturday 3rd -2pm
Saturday 3rd -4:30pm